Last night I attended the Kent School Board Meeting 6/9/22

At stake was a very important vote to remove or not remove a certain book from the middle schools here in the Kent school district.

This was a very important issue that affects all parents and children here in our legislative district.

Let me first start by telling you who was not there to speak up, the very people you would want to speak for us were nowhere to be found, not our current legislatures, Pat Sullivan or Debra Entenman, but also 3 candidates running for State Representative in this district. Evidently, they didn’t find the subject matter important enough to voice an opinion or send in an email comment. Perhaps they didn’t voice an opinion because they didn’t want you to know their position.

The not available candidates for this important discussion and vote were Ted Cook, Carmen Goers and Chris Stearns.

What was at stake was a specific book titled “Jack of Hearts and other parts” This book is being pushed by a LGBT community in our middle school system.

Let me give you a few excerpts from the book. Here is a link to the PDF file for the book. JACK OF HEARTS PDF LINK

Page 3 “ My first time getting it in the butt was kind of weird, I think it’s going to be weird for anyone though.”

Page 12 “He already has an A on it for giving Mr. Davidson a blow job”

Page 10 “Oman I wish I was gay boy I could f— that a–.”

Page9 “Like when he got fu—- by the coach from Highbrook in the locker room during the home coming game.” “She said it was huge, like this big. I bet he was bottoming because all the other boys were afraid of it”

The book goes on discussing group sex in details that certainly would categorize this book as pornography. It also disturbingly describes the main character having anal sex with another boy for the first time and when the boy says to stop because it hurts, he promises only to slow down, never stopping (no means no).There is also sex between the main character (a minor) and one teacher and one coach.

Somehow this seems ok for 10- and 14-year-olds?

This demonstrates how our education system and children have been hijacked by far-left wackos. I view this book as a recruiting mechanism for the LGBTQ community. Introducing this kind of perverted pornographic material to small children and leading them to believe it is ok is simply grooming children to become LGBTQ future members. This is not what we send our kids to school for.

The proponents for the book hold in high regards what wonderful messages the book has about bullying for the LGBTQ community. They are hiding behind this argument to keep this book on the shelves and to push their (what most parents would consider) perverted porn onto our innocent children.

I was there to speak against the book and there was one other candidate present, Shukri Olow, who at least had the guts to show up. She was there to support the book and thought it was wonderful material for young children.

I was there as a concerned community member and a candidate for State Representative for the 47th District. Here was my 2 minutes of public discussion I presented, and the video will be uploaded to YouTube soon.

My name is Barry Knowles

I agree this book has some good messages in it and if it were not filled with pornography and molestation, I would not be here tonight to discuss it.

Let’s define:

Morals- An individuals accepted standard of right or wrong

Ethics- Structured system of principals that govern conduct.

What are we doing with a book like this in our schools? The school system is changing our children’s morals and perverting the ethics of the education system in an indirect teaching method by simply holding this book out in the trusted hands of a librarian offering it innocently to our children as either educational or entertainment. Neither of which should be acceptable in middle school.

Books are for either education or entertainment and no other reason. Only through a lack of morality and the failure of commonly accepted ethics would this material be available to our youth.

The material is completely contradictory to many people’s religious beliefs and for this reason alone should not be available in the public school system. Have you seen the film “Who’s Kids Are They?” Well, who’s are they? The school districts or ours?

More than 45,000 students did not return to school after Covid. Covid gave the chance for parents to see into the classrooms and what they have seen has disgusted them.

This kind of immoral exposure is taking place all over the country and because of its consistency a reasonable person should deduce that these efforts are an intentional effort to continue the perversion of this generation and dissolution of the family unit and a disregard for religious teachings. These are our children and not the states or the school districts.

Academically the state is failing our children in basic subjects. Nationally 70% of our students cannot pass standard math testing and more than 50 percent failed English

The state of Washington’s Constitution requires a separation of church and state. I think we need a separation between state and church.

As a state representative I am going to propose a bill of rights for the parents of students in the public schools which will include limiting children’s exposure to sexualization and gender fluidity in elementary and middle schools in the state of Washington. These topics should not be part of our public education and instead the public would be better served if teachers spent their time correcting their failures teaching basic subjects.

I am a candidate for State Legislature in this district.

Elect Barry Knowles