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O the fields of dreams we have created for the drug addicted and the mentally ill.

Why wouldn’t they come here? I would if I was one of the above-described people.

We have decriminalized the use of hard drugs allowing addicts to inject themselves with their favorite drug cocktail standing right in front of law enforcement officers and laugh at the officers as they do it. We supply them with free needles and there have been proposals to even supply the heroin to the poor souls to ensure the safety of its purity thereby lessoning the chances of overdosing.

We now are (protected?) by many self-proclaimed “Justice in robes”, judges that advocate for less incarceration and more prosecutorial equity in our communities. Small crimes like shop lifting, and burglary and assaults are no longer a concern to the justice system.

I have personally witnessed 2 incidents where people walked into a Walgreens and a Home Depot and with no shame simply loaded up what they wanted in their arms and walked out of the stores without a care in the world. No one could stop them and even if they did the law wouldn’t care or do anything about it.

We started out allowing illegal camping all over towns and state property and now we have moved the great Homeless Industrial Complex to a new agenda of buying hotels and condominiums for these people to live in.

If I wasn’t brought up as I was, I would be half tempted to walk into the nearest Safeway, the ones with open food service area, and pile up a big plate of food, grab a six pack of beer and walk straight out, without payment of course, and proceed to my lean-to I built along the side of some other unfortunate business owners’ property. I would enjoy my meal. I would then canvass the nearby neighborhood for something I could easily steal and turn to quick cash. I would take the cash and I would grab me some free needles, cook me up a spoon full of magic and shoot that ferry dust up right my arm in front of the local police precinct, ya-know, just in case I overdosed they could save my life. Before I passed out though, I would certainly relieve myself of the free meal first, right in the entry way of a local small business.


There’s nothing anyone can do about it!

Or is there!

Where was any of your legislatures on this matter? I never heard a word except from liberals’ who kept crying how we need to direct more money into the cause. No apposing voice at all, as that might make them insensitive to the issue thereby getting them unelected.

If I were elected, you would hear me!

We need to stop electing Liberals who support and perpetuate these fields of dreams and do it right now.

If we had some legislatures with any backbone, they would go beyond their duties of state law making and use their platform to illuminate the elected officials and judges that are perpetuating the problem, and work hard to replace them. That is unless they are part of the problem.

A good legislature would be seeking assistance from the State Attorney General to put pressure on local law makers.

The homelessness crisis is manmade. It may very possibly be designed to create a huge national problem where the GOVERNMENT is all that can save you.

Or so you are led to believe.

Wrong. People with backbone can fix the problem starting right here in our state.

Here’s my proposal.

If you publicly camp you will be detained for loitering.

You should be given a choice to either report to a state funded recovery program or roll everything up in your blue tarp and leave immediately for another state.

Or go to jail for 30 days and have all your belongings thrown away, only to be re-arrested when you get out and try to build your fort again.

These people do not really want help, generally speaking. There is so much help available, but they are only interested in their free living and drug use.

Public housing should not be purchased for the homeless. They will get free shelter at the drug addiction center, or the jail.

I remember in the New York days of Mayor Giuliani, vagrants were not allowed to lay their heads down, they would immediately be rousted and moved along. Vagrancy dropped to all-time lows as vagrants left the area for friendlier places.

Do not worry about these people, they will either graduate from drug rehabilitation centers and become productive parts of society or they will move to better fields of dreams that support their way of life in other criminal sanctuary states. Not here in Washington.